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I start with my selection tool..and I outline the border bar that I have created on my background...
I copy and paste as a new image to view the diminsions...looking for the width...which in this case is 28.
Then I close this not save it...and I click on new..and I make it 500 wide by 30 (add 2 to your amount).

next I paste this image as a new selection..and click on rotate 90 degrees...I do this several times...each time rotating and lining them up alone the new image.

Once I have this completely filled...I then save it as my bar...

Bring is back..always remembering to click on 16 million colors..and I fill in the outsides with the color that is the same as my background...and begin doing my finishing touches..see far left .

I repeat this on the right side..identical to the left and now have a bar to go with your background.