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Words of Wisdom
As Spoken by Kwai Chang Caine and the Kung Fu Family

"Preparation MUST exceed action."[Caine]

"Anything is possible if you can perceive the way."[Caine]

"None of us will ever be the person we were.
We can only be what we WILL be."[Caine]

"Wealth leads to power - power often corrupts.
You must not place your faith in rare things.
Riches you search for are within your heart.
Listen to your heart and you will find your cause."[Caine]

"If a person dwells on the past, they may rob the present.
But if a person ignores the past, they may rob the future."[caine]

"For good, return good. For evil,return Justice."[Caine]

"The greatest danger may be at the heart of the greatest beauty."[Caine]

"We learn NOTHING if we do not face the demons that challenge us."[Caine]

"If you trust yourself, everything you do will be correct.
If you do NOT trust yourself, then everything you do will be wrong."[Caine]

"When you cease to strive to understand,
then you will know without understanding."[Caine]

"Each moment is as a rung in an endless laddar.
Each step we take is built on what has gone before."[Caine]

"You cannot put out water with fire."[Caine]

"How'd you find out about this stuff?"[Huntoon]..."I listened."[Caine]

"When a man finds his way, Heaven is gentle".[Caine]

"There is no disgrace in loosing.
Only in winning without honor."[Caine]

"A thought that brings a smile..should be shared."[Caine]

"A childs Character is luminous and innocent.
Wild beasts walk away. Birds of prey will not fly at them."[Caine]

"There is a word for people who profit from other's pain and misery...Coward."[Caine]

"Truth in the hands of a fool is more dangerous then any sword"

"No man can step in the same river twice.
Cause the river is always moving;always changing.
As every second of our lives, we are changing.
That is a state of everything in nature."

{Caine talking to some young Children}
"How does the eagle see the mouse?
-The eagle sores above the sky;the bright blue sky,
a thousand feet perhaps. He wheels and turns;hungry, waiting for his prey.
Knowing it will come even though he is a thousand feet high.
Then he looks for his lunch...way...down...there.
The little itty bitty mouse runs from his burrow, but the eagle doesn't see him.
But for his own reasons, the mouse looks up at the eagle
And then the eagle says.."Ah ha!" and grabs it.
"{little girl}"Are you saying that the eagle saw the mouse because he looked up at the eagle?"
{Caine}"Is not everything revealed in the eyes?.
Truth, purpose, intent?"

{Master Kahn speaks}Deal with evil from strength, but affirm the good in man through trust. In this way, we are prepared for evil, but we encourage good.{Young Caine}"And is good a great reward for trusting?"{Master kahn}"In striving for an ideal, we do not seek rewards. Yet trust does sometimes bring with it, a great reward, even greater than good"{Young Caine}"What is greater than good?" {Master Kahn} "LOVE"

"Master Kahn, I am puzzled." [Young Caine]"That is the beginning of wisdom."[Master Kahn]

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