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These are my wonderful Cyber Kids. I am the one with my horse, Bubbles. They each have their own Cyber Rooms. Each room offers something different So be sure to visit them all.

Eric Nielsen (aka Concreteman)
Donna Points (aka Cherokee)
Yvette Anderson (aka Filly)

John Heron (aka Conductor)
Melissa Mason (aka LadyBichon)

This door leads to my #1 Cyber son, Eric's room
He is a talanted young man who makes lawn statues
And loves old cars
He would like you to enter his room below to see
what he has in store for you

This door leads to my Favorite Cyber Daughter, Donna's room
She is a lady of Many Talants. Click on the door below to visit her room and listen to some music and much much more!

This next door enters my SPECIAL cyber daughter, Yvette's Room.
She loves horses and the outdoors
If you would like to relax a while
And see some pretty sites
Just click on her door.

Enter this door to visit my #2 Cyber Son, John's room. John has many interests so I know that you will have a wonderful time in his room.

Last but not least, is my Sweet Cyber Daughter, Melissa's room. She has various interests that you may find in common. She is waiting to give you a tour so please come on in.

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